As part of the Dream Up Festival,
Sophie’s Sweet 16 is a story of a woman suffering dementia who dies and comes back to revisit her final moments in order to find peace.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

From Stage to Big Screen

Almost one year ago, playwright Chima Chikazunga presented a public reading of one of his plays, "The Accidental Kiss." Since then, he has had two of his other plays seen in three festivals in Manhattan. The writer is proud to announce that “Sophie’s Sweet 16,” which was most recently viewed in the week long Dream Up Festival, is officially going to be a screenplay. This news came after Chima sent his script to a fellow actor on the West Coast, to which ReShaun Groomes expressed his pleasure in it, and how he would love to see how the play would do on camera.  The filming is schedule is TBD.